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Amazing Landscapes & Wonderful Feelings!

Come closer to Paradise while visiting Paxos islands group. The smallest and most exotic island complex of the Ionian Sea is where all the magic happens. Experience turquoise waters at the finest beaches and taste rare wine vintages. A hidden harbour, private boat tours, sea caves and much more. The treasures of Paxos and Antipaxos are here to explore.

When Poseidon, the God of Sea the Greek Mythology, striked the island of Corfu, Paxos was created, so he and his wife Amphitrite could find a place of peace and quiet.

These two extraordinary islands have a population of just 2,300 inhabitants in 30,000 km2. Paxos is about 8 miles (13 km) in length and covered by the beauties of the Ionian culture. Olive groves, vineyards, and blue caves to be explored (departing from Gaios port) are all there to discovered.

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Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.


Seductive view, amazing countryside  deep blue sea and sky and three charming villages full of beautiful houses, tavernas and welcoming locals, give you unconditional calmness and peacefulness in order to relax every minute you spend in Paxos.

Paxos can be reached by ferry boats from the mainland Greece port of Igoumenitsa (about 1.5 hours), hydrofoils and ferry boats from Corfu (about 1-2 hours) and from Bari & Brindisi (about 4 hours).


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Voutoumi is the largest beach on Antipaxos and along with the nearby beach of Vrika, it is one of the most famous beaches not only on the island, but in the entire Ionian group as well. There are regular water taxis come from Gaios, Paxos, to Voutoumi for 10 minutes.

Voutoumi has smooth white pebbles around the shore which are replaced by fine sand in the water and this white sand give the sea an amazing blue color even in cloudy days. It has two tavernas- taverna Bella Vista is high above Voutoumi, accessible via narrow steps and revealing a beautiful view toward the beach. A wide path connects Vrika and Voutoumi in 25- 30 minutes walk.

voutoumi beach

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Vrika is the northernmost beach on the island, and the amazing striking blue colors its water is due to the soft white sand. The sea is shallow around shore and suitable for children, too. Vrika has three taverns which provide fresh food, sunbeds and umbrellas. Behind the taverns there is a footpath which leads to Voutoumi beach in 25-30 minutes.

vrika beach

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The curious thing about Erimitis beach  is that it is relatively new- it appeared in 2007 as a result  of cliffs collapsing and most of the solid pieces are still there. Erimitis has very high white cliffs hanging over it, as well as pebbles and stones both in and out of the water. The sea is deep and windy most of the time but the place has a peculiar exotic appearance.

Erimitis can be accessed from a road near the village of Magazia. There are signboards leading to unpaved road which continues for 2-3 km. The road ends above the cliffs where you can see a few private villas and a very narrow path going down to the beach. The sunset from Erimitis is very spectacular.

Erimitis Beach

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Monodendri is a beautiful pebble cove which comes with parasols and two tavernas. The crystal clear waters makes it the ideal place for snorkelling.
Only 7km north of Gaios, follow the east-coast road signed for Lakka and Monodendri beach. Here you’ll find restaurants and sunbeds.

monodentri beach

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Levrechio is a great beach within easy walking distance of Loggos and a taverna.
An easy stroll south from Loggos, but if you’re driving, head up the hill to the south and look out for the signpost on your left.
There are no sunbeds or parasols and the beach can be crowded at the weekends.

Levrechio beach

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An unspoilt pebble beach near Loggos that offers lots of (very welcome) natural shade. Handily, it’s connected to Levrechio beach with a taverna.
Park at Levrechio and enjoy the five-minute walk through the olive trees sweeping down to the beach.
There are no sunbeds or parasols in Marmari Beach, so prepare correctly.

marmari beach

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Harami is a pebble beach with a paddling-friendly soft, sandy seabed which is suitable for children. It also provides a taverna with a stunning view of Lakka harbour. Park your  car park in Lakka and walk north for approximately five minutes.

Xarami Beach

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Kipiadi is a large beach and Kipos is smaller and surely more peaceful.
You can find signs for the two beaches on the east-coast road, about 1.5km before Loggos. There’s no road access – park and walk for about 250m.
Kipiadi also offers flat rocks – great for those who prefer to bask rather than bathe in the sun. The beaches have no facilities, so be sure to prepare correctly.

kipiadi beach